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2019 Team Application

We are looking for car enthusiasts with the best builds in North America who have a strong presence on social media platforms, established credibility with current sponsors and exhibit at major car shows in their area.
We want you to be our brand ambassador in your city!

The 2019 Team’s objective is to establish DVG’s Superwrap and LiquidShield in car communities around North America as the ultimate way to protect and change the color of your wheels, accessories, etc.
If you have the opportunity to be selected as a Team Member, you receive a full sponsorship on DVG Brands products, direct contact with DVG Brands marketing team, be a part of global marketing campaigns across the web and have the opportunity to be featured in a variety of online, print magazines and more!







Car Make & Model*

Planned Car Shows*

List of Current Sponsors*

Has your car been exhibited at SEMA? If yes, what booth?*

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Which product line are you interested in?*

What is your primary project?*

Desired Color & Finish*

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